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Mid Bedfordshire MP demands ‘atrocious’ Flitwick road be fixed. 




Mid Bedfordshire MP demands ‘atrocious’ Flitwick road be fixed. 

Mid Bedfordshire MP, Alistair Strathern, has slammed Rockfield New Homes for their failure to maintain James Place in Flitwick, calling the state of the road "atrocious". 

Mr Strathern’s comments come after his visit to James Place last week where the MP spoke to residents and stakeholders about the deterioration of the road and what steps needed to be taken to change course.

For over 6 years residents have complained that the road has fallen into disrepair filled with potholes, dips and rocks causing damage to residents’ cars.  Despite this failure, Rockfield New Homes has continued to charge residents at James Place eyewatering management fees.

Alistair Strathern MP, said: 

"I first visited James Place, Flitwick on the campaign trial over the summer. Coming back now, I'm shocked to see the road has become so much worse in such a short amount of time. 

“It was eye-opening to meet the residents and hear their stories. They should not be forced to make do with what can only be described as a track – not a road – due to the failures of their developer and the management company. 

“I’m calling on Rockfield New Homes to act now to put this right, fix the road and give the residents here the service they are paying for.”  


Editors' Notes: 

Unlike most roads, James Place is not maintained by the Council but a developer called Rockfield New Homes.

After years of unacceptable inaction by Rockfield, ownership of the road is now likely to transfer to Hightown Housing Association at some point in the future.

James Place has never been adopted by the council. It sits at the end of Hilldene Close, opposite Flitwick’s rail line and station car park.

Mr Strathern has made tackling the issue of private management companies a priority. He sits on the Freehold and Leasehold Bill Committee in Parliament and frequently visits new build communities.

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