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My Story


Getting a good start in life

I was also fortunate to get a good education here, from Pinchmill Lower to Lincroft Middle and Sharnbrook Upper. Class sizes were reasonable and the teaching staff were brilliant. I want all children to have the same opportunities as I had.


Banking on a better future


I went to work at the Bank of England because I believe that a strong and growing economy is the cornerstone of every family’s financial security. The cavalier approach of the government in recent years has impacted every household budget. I know how important economic security is and I understand the price we have all paid. That’s why I will stand up for you and your family to ensure sound economic management always comes first.

Growing Up

I was lucky enough to spend my childhood growing up in a village near Sharnbrook. From playing football on the village green to mucking about on tractors on my friend’s farm, it was a brilliant place to grow up.


Those who can, teach


I really do believe in children getting the best start in

life.That’s why I was proud to start out after universtiy

as a teacher, helping kids learn maths. If I’m given the

honour of becoming your MP, I’ll work hard to ensure

that children across Hitchin and the villages have the

same start in life that I had.


A history making by-election

In October last year, I overturned a Conservative majority of over 24,000 to become Mid Bedfordshire’s first ever Labour MP. It has been the privilege of my life to become the MP for where I live. I haven’t wanted to waste a minute in standing up for our communities in Parliament. I have since worked day and night, to be the full time, hard-working MP our area deserves.

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