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 Mid Bedfordshire MP calls for dilapidated Shefford roads to be fixed




Alistair Strathern, Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire, has today called for Shefford’s unsafe, pothole-riddled roads to finally be fixed for good.

He has called on Central Bedfordshire Council to use all of its powers to 'adopt' roads that have fallen into disrepair, and for the government to act.


For years the condition of St Francis Way, Old Bridge Way, and Churchill Way in Shefford have been a source of frustration for local residents. None of them have been adopted and taken under the care of the council. They remain privately-owned, with potholes common after years without maintenance.


The challenges around resolving the issue has been complicated further still by recent reports that ownership of the roads had been transferred to a company now in liquidation, with the assets potential defaulting to the crown estate. 


Mr Strathern has written to Central Bedfordshire Council to urge them to use all powers available to them to ensure the roads are made safe, and adopted to end the issues once and for all.


These efforts come as part of a wider campaign by Mr Strathern to highlight the effect of unmaintained unadopted roads and urge government action to ensure estates and roads can not be left to rot unadopted.


Alistair Strathern, Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said:


“Living in Shefford, I know all too well the frustration so many of us have with the state of Old Bridge Way and Churchill Way.


“Riddled with potholes, these unadopted roads have been allowed to fall into disrepair for far too long, and the situation now seems like it made even worse by the land falling into liquidation. It's clear we need action to resolve this once and for all.


“Enough is enough. That's why I'm going to be urging the Central Bedfordshire Council and all the relevant stakeholders to work together to finally get this road adopted, resurfaced and back up to scratch.


“And nationally, I'll be campaigning in Parliament to finally take action to ensure roads like this can't go unadopted for as long as they have.”


Editors' Notes:


See below a link to a video Mr Strathern released this morning on X/Twitter to raise awareness of the decrepit roads here:




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