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  • Alistair Strathern

Map Explainer: Our new constituency of Hitchin

From the election on Thursday 4 July, our area will be part of the new Hitchin constituency.

Just about half of the people in the new seat live in Hertfordshire, and half in Bedfordshire, including me and my partner, Megan.

If you want to vote for change in the election, there are three important facts you need to know:

  • Labour can win. Under the new boundaries, Labour would have come second to the Conservatives at the last election.

  • Labour leads locally. In May’s local elections, Labour won the most votes, and most of the seats have a Labour representative.

  • It will be close. All independent polls show it will be a close contest between Labour and the Conservatives.

Here are my priorities for our new Hitchin constituency:

  • A doctor and dentist when you need it

  • Making our area the best place to grow up

  • Proper infrastructure for new homes

  • Defending our natural environment

  • Safe, successful town centres and local businesses


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