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"Heartbreaking story of injustice" - Mid Bedfordshire MP responds to Post Office scandal

Updated: Feb 5





Speaking in the House of Commons last night, Alistair Strathern, the Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire said:


"It is a really heartbreaking story of injustice, and I am sure we would agree that it has been allowed to drag on for far too long.


"It was incredibly heartening for me that so many constituents were moved by the powerful ITV dramatisation to write to me about this injustice and ask what I will be doing about it as their MP, but it is also tragic to see that it had to come to this, after years of powerful and brave campaigning by some of the postmasters affected. We owe it to them to act with the urgency the situation requires.


"Can [the Minister] at least provide a timeline for when we will be able to say with certainty that everyone affected will have received compensation and that all those who were wrongfully convicted will have their convictions overturned? Alongside that, accountability is such an important issue here, and I would welcome some details from him on how he will work with colleagues from different parties to make sure that all those who are accountable, including Fujitsu, are held to account."


Mr Strathern later went on to say:


"It has been heartbreaking to see so many hardworking sub-post masters deal with this decades long injustice. 


"I've challenged the government to act urgently to right this wrong: by giving proper compensation to those who have been impacted and holding those responsible to account.


"Honours should be given for exceptional service to our country and its people. It can't be right that Paula Vennells still holds a CBE after overseeing this scandal. She should return the honour, but failing this I would urge the forfeiture committee to look at this case"


Notes to editors:


Full transcript of Alistair Strathern's remarks in the House of Commons can be found here:





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