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Alistair Strathern unveils his five pledges for the new Hitchin constituency



Alistair Strathern, Labour's candidate for our new Hitchin constituency, has today unveiled his five pledges for what he hopes to achieve if he is re-elected.

Coming off the back of the Labour Party's manifesto announcement last week, Alistair has gone further to say what he would prioritise if he wins on July 4. 

Central to his pledges is a focus on growing GP surgeries and appointments, building on his success in securing new investment and bringing together stakeholders as an MP.

They also include a promise to make sure proper infrastructure is put in place, like roads and schools, alongside new developments. This is to respond to the rapid rise in new housing estates in the area.

Alistair's five pledges for the new Hitchin constituency are:

1. A doctor and dentist when you need it

2. Making our area the best place to grow up

3. Proper infrastructure for new homes

4. Defending our natural environment

5. Safe, successful high streets and small businesses. 

Alistair Strathern, Labour's candidate for the new Hitchin constituency, said:

"Our communities are crying out for change. 

"I live here, and I've heard what issues people face because they're my neighbours and friends. But I've also been getting out there right across our area, to hear more about your concerns and what I could do as your MP to help.

"There will be no quick fixes, but if I’m re-elected I’ll start the hard work: delivering more doctors and dentist appointments, championing access to affordable childcare and opportunities for young people, protection for nature, proper infrastructure for new homes, and support for our fantastic local businesses.


"I hope I can earn you trust to deliver on my pledges, and deliver the change that Hitchin, our towns and villages desperately needs." 

Editors' Notes:

Alistair's five pledges can be read in full here: 

Labour Party Manifesto: 



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