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Alistair Strathern MP slams Education Secretary for lack of action on tiering system nightmare





Alistair Strathern, Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire, and candidate for Hitchin, has slammed the Department for Education after they conceded that no Ministerial meetings were held in 2023 or 2024 with Central Bedfordshire Council to discuss its plans to move from a three to two-tier educational system.

The news comes after it was revealed in an answer to the latest of a series of Written Parliamentary Question from Mr Strathern on the subject.

Commenting Alistair Strathern MP said:

“For years, the previous Conservative administration of Central Bedfordshire Council presided over a botched transition from a three-tier school system to two-tier, creating uncertainty and disruption for local families and schools.

“After taking office, the new CBC administration has had to pause the plan, because of the woeful management of the transition by the previous administration. This uncertainty, coupled with national pressures on school capital spending, is pushing schools and parents to breaking point.

“I’ve met with countless headteachers across CBC who, as a result of the stalled transition, are battling a range of issues from teacher retention to pupil place planning and I know families are considering moving out of Bedfordshire because of the uncertainty.

“The fact that not a single ministerial meeting has taken place with CBC to try and resolve this mess is a complete dereliction of duty by this government, on an issue that will have a lasting impact on educational outcomes in our area. 

"The government needs to get a grip and play their part in sorting this out finally.

“I’m determined to not let this nightmare drag on and will continue to meet with both CBC officials and headteachers, to help pull together a plan for schools which can finally be delivered with confidence.”

Notes to Editors:

List of schools affected can be found here.

Alistair previously worked as a maths teacher before being elected as an MP.

The Department for Education confirmed on 22nd April that no ministerial meetings have taken place with CBC in 2023 or 2024, see the answer to the Written Parliamentary Question here.



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