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Alistair Strathern MP's outrage over Bedfordshire police funding





MP for Mid Bedfordshire, Alistair Strathern, has today condemned the Government’s inaction of Bedfordshire police following a cross-party meeting with Bedfordshire MPs and the PCC, where the policing minister refused to confirm whether Government would honour their commitment to update the police funding formula, and raise the budget for Bedfordshire Police.

For years MPs from both main parties have raised the inequity of the current funding formula for Bedfordshire police. In 2022 the Government  committed to updating the formula by the end of the Parliament following a question from the Labour MP for Bedford, Mohammad Yasin.

At a cross party meeting today with the policing minister, Chris Philp MP, he refused to give a timeframe for the new formula, meaning Bedfordshire Police will continue to suffer from an unfair funding settlement.

Alistair Strathern MP, said:

“I’m incredibly disappointed that the Government have refused to confirm whether they will honour their commitment to deliver fair funding for Bedfordshire police this year.

“Since being elected, I’ve worked together with Conservative and Labour colleagues from across Bedfordshire to highlight the injustice of the current formula, which is forcing police services across the country to go hand to mouth.

“For too long our police forces have had to suffer under this funding settlement, being expected to keep us all safe with nothing more than one off grants and warm words.

“The Government know it’s not fair, that’s why they committed to update the formula within this parliament. It’s hugely disappointing to still have no confirmation that they will fulfil their promise before the General Election this year.”



Editor's Notes

Alistair has raised this in Parliament consistently, see here, here, and here.

Kit Malthouse, previous Minister for Crime and Policing previously committed to reform the funding formula in 2022, see here.

MPs attending today’s meeting were: Alistair Strathern (Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire); Mohammad Yasin (Labour MP for Bedford); Sarah Owens (Labour MP for Luton North); Richard Fuller (Conservative MP for North East Bedfordshire); Rachel Hopkins (Labour MP for Luton); Andrew Selous (MP for South West Bedfordshire) and PPC Festus Akinbusoye.

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