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  • Alistair Strathern

24 March 2024: My week in Parliament and Mid Bedfordshire

On Monday in Parliament I highlighted the shocking treatment of a constituent by the DWP during an enhanced health assessment for personal independence allowance. 

Thank you to The Comet and other local papers for covering this appalling case. Woman 'forced to soil herself' during 3-hour PIP assessment | The Comet

In my role as PPS in Labour's Shadow Treasury Team, I supported efforts to hold the Government to account over their initial plans to close HMRC helplines for several months a year. I'm glad the Govt reversed this decision, but the chaos of the announcement and 24hr u-turn doesn't inspire confidence that they will be able to get a grip of the real challenges HMRC are facing.

This week I also welcomed Harlington Upper School to parliament for a tour and Q&A on my work as our MP. If your school or group would like to visit Parliament, please drop my team a line at

It was lovely to visit Campton Academy, Toddington St George School and Clifton All Saints this week this morning to speak to pupils and school leaders. Some important discussions about the impact the pause in Schools for the Future is having on local schools, and some great probing questions from the pupils on life as an MP!

 I continued my campaign for action on the challenges unadopted roads are causing across our towns and villages. This week I urged CBC to take action locally to end the long running saga of the condition and ownership of Churchill and Old Bridge ways once and for all.

I challenged the MoD about their planned eviction of a number of families at Henlow Camp, and pushed them to ensure commitments are honoured.

 It was also great to visit Oak Manor care home in Shefford to speak to residents about my work as our MP. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and great questions!

Today I joined Save our Village in Stondon for their wall for the countryside to speak to residents about their concerns about the pressure current and planned developments are placing on the village, and how I can support them as our MP.

Finally my food and drink recommendation for the week has to be the fantastic coffee at Surfin Ampthill which kept me going through some busy afternoons!

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