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Together we made history in Mid Bedfordshire last year.

And now, I couldn’t be prouder to represent the constituency I live in.

Since you elected me as our MP, I’ve been getting straight to work. Thank you to everyone who has come to a surgery or event, or worked with me across our towns and villages.

Throughout all my time as a teacher, at the Bank of England, and now as an MP, I’ve put people at the heart of what I do, working with people from all backgrounds to get things done.

At the next election, the Parliamentary map in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire is changing drastically. This has made continuing to represent all of our towns and villages after the next general election impossible.

Whilst the Conservatives are dragging out uncertainty about when the election may be, I want to stay open and transparent about where I’ll be standing when it does come.

I live here in Shefford with my partner Megan. Shefford is our home. In Bedfordshire we know all too well the issues caused by MPs not living in their constituency. So, it is only right that I stay true to my principles and re-stand to continue to represent the area where I live.

That’s why, when the general election comes, I’ll be standing in my home constituency, which will be the new constituency of Hitchin.

For many of you this will mean I’ll be seeking your votes again, and for many others, it means I won’t.

I am excited to start campaigning throughout all of Hitchin and the villages, building off the work I have already done as an MP to deliver the change our communities are crying out for.

This year in Hitchin, all independent experts agree it’s going to be a straight choice between change with Labour, and the Conservatives. I hope I can earn your trust and support to deliver the change Hitchin and our villages desperately need.

For as long as I’m lucky enough to be our MP, I’ll continue to champion change for all of our towns and villages - delivering on our priorities at home and speaking up for our values in Parliament.

There’s so much to take on in our communities, and I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to tackle it. It’s going to be a busy year!

Alistair Strathern signature in white

  Hi, I'm Alistair.  

Alistair Strathern speaking in a town hall
Alistair Strathern speaking in the House of Commons
Alistair Strathern at a surgery

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